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Adapting to my new blogging workflow (progressive web apps FTW)

When I first set up this blog checks watch yesterday, I assumed that the editing experience on mobile would be trash, so I set up some 'email to post' automations using Zapier. As it turns out, that was entirely unneeded due to the beauty of PWAs, or Progressive Web Apps.

I added Ghost's admin panel as a shortcut on my iOS homescreen on both my phone and iPad, and by george they work beautifully. They effectively feel like native apps, and I'm able to get the full WYSIWYG experience.

The only downside would be the fact that I can't use the iOS share sheet to post a photo from the photos app onto the blog, but that's a shortcoming I can certainly live with for now, since inserting photos and galleries with the PWA feels pretty damn native. (my previous post will tell you why I'm caring so much about photos).

I'm sure my workflow will evolve. At this point, I'm still obsessively checking my Twitter and Mastodon profiles after publishing each post to ensure that part of the Zapier setup is working well, which it has so far. The whole point of this blog was to 'automate' my social media so that I never get sucked in to scrolling. Now to figure out how to spend less time on YouTube...